At Educa Schools Management,

we are a group of professionals

with more than twenty years of experience in the sector

Fila de niños acudiendo al colegio, equipados con una mochila

Tracing the way to

educational excellence

Faced with a changing sector, with new threats, new opportunities and increasingly competitive, Educa Schools Management was born in response to the needs of private educational centers to have reliable, professional and experienced partners, trained to offer tailored solutions to schools, both in the field of general management and in that of the educational project. 

Educa is led by Enrique Bilbao, whose enthusiasm, experience and interest in education have led to the creation of a multidisciplinary team oriented towards the comprehensive management of schools.



Our team combines strategic skills in designing new educational and business management models with vertical knowledge of the sector. 

Thanks to this, we can optimize all the processes that influence the success of the school, from the quality of teaching to the improvement of all the services and activities that take place in the school.

What can we


We provide the experience and know-how of our multidisciplinary team and propose a comprehensive solution adapted to the objectives, needs and resources of each educational center. We commit to the schools, though we take action in the short term, our objective is always the medium and long term.




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