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ValdeSerra International School

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Avda/ Alhambra nº2. 04621 Vera (Almería)
Tlfno 950462115

Private School. Spanish curriculum. Bilingual Spanish-English. All stages.

Khalil Gibran Bilingual School

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C/ Turquía 13 28943 Fuenlabrada Madrid
Tlfno 91 608 32 58

Our centers benefit from new resources and capabilities, which make the center acquire sustainable competitive advantages and ensure a better future.

We simplify day-to-day work, making the daily work of the entire team at the center easier, especially its management teams.

Through more efficient management and on a larger scale, we achieve significant cost savings and an increase in recurring income, improving your profitability.

ValdeSerra International School

The ValdeSerra School was born in 2006 to offer private education in an area that lacked this type of center. In 2022, the school changes its ownership, which passes to a Spanish investment fund, and Educa Schools Management assumes its management.

Currently, it has approximately 650 students, distributed in 33 classrooms. On a plot of more than 15,000m2, it has more than 8,000m2 built, with the best sports and educational facilities, including soccer and basketball fields, a school garden, a library, or robotics classrooms.

It offers all stages of the official Spanish curriculum: early childhood education, Primary, Secondary, and Baccalaureate. It provides bilingual teaching in English and Spanish and German as a second foreign language from the age of two. ValdeSerra is a Cambridge Partner centre. Changing from Colegio ValdeSerra to ValdeSerra International School is a logical consequence of its commitment to languages, which is also strong in Robotics and Computer Programming. 

The focus on languages will go along with an Internationalization project that begins in the 22-23 academic year. The aim is both increasing mobility and international cooperation to and from the center. Furthermore, curricular options that facilitate the continuation of studies abroad will be offered.

The 22-23 academic year will also be the beginning of a technological transformation that will turn digital resources into a fundamental instrument of teaching. It will be developed under the Wonder innovation model, designed by Educa.

Khalil Gibran Bilingual School

Khalil Gibran Bilingual School was born in 1991 as a cooperative of teachers, highly committed to a secular educational project, based on quality and freedom. It is after a thirty-year trajectory, in 2023, when the search for an investor results in the management being commissioned to Educa by the new owner.

It is a small private center whose facilities include a swimming pool, school garden and even a farm, as well as a large sports center that allows agreements with sports clubs in the area. 

It offers all stages of the official Spanish curriculum, early childhood education, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate. It is a bilingual school in English, with German as a second foreign language. Its educational commitment focuses on positive discipline and educational innovation, with innovative spaces.




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