The world changes rapidly, and centers need to continually adapt to new requirements and realities. This takes an ever-increasing investment, and professional, specialized management capable of turning each center into a pedagogical and facilities benchmark.

Our work is based on deep knowledge of the educational reality of our country, its strengths and weaknesses. Our present is already digital and global: mastering new technologies and several languages is only the starting point. Personal leadership, entrepreneurial initiative and teamwork, social and communication skills are the abilities and skills that will make a difference. Only schools that teach them will reach our true goal, educational excellence. Our true interest is education.

In the knowledge society, an education that truly opens the doors to the future for our children is something essential for many families, an expense that takes priority over any other. For this reason, a school with potential for improving and a promising future prospect is an excellent opportunity to invest.


Recognized leadership in Spain and Hispano-America as a company that investors trust to manage their schools.

Reference schools in terms of educational quality, centers for which we have created a brand and an image of renowned prestige for its pedagogical innovation, international orientation and excellent facilities. 

Always motivated to advance in their professional career through a human resources model that rewards competence and training.

People who are aware of their responsibility to themselves and to the world around them, who give back multiplied what they have received in their formative years. People capable of generating wealth but not slaves to it, who freely and assertively face personal and professional challenges and conflicts.

Convinced that the profitability of the investment is always the consequence of a commitment to education quality. Making schools excellent is the means to reap the benefits. 

Multidisciplinary and dynamic teams whose professional relationships are based on trust and flexibility, with the freedom to propose different and divergent views, a safe environment in which to dare to contribute the best and most personal of each one.




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